A Biological Valuation Map for the Belgian Continental Shelf
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Picture: S. Degraer BWZee is a two year project (April 2004-March 2006) carried out by five Belgian research groups (see partners) in the framework of the SPSD-II research action of the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. The project aims to develop a scientifically acceptable and widely applicable valuation strategy for marine areas and to apply this strategy to the Belgian Continental Shelf (BCS). The end-product should be an integrated, full-coverage biological valuation map representing the biological and ecological value of all subareas within the Belgian BCS.

Different ecosystem components will be integrated in the valuation exercise, namely macro-, epi- and hyperbenthos and seabirds. Biological valuation maps that compile all relevant (and available) biological and ecological information of an area and allocate an overall biological value to different subareas within that area can be a very useful warning system for future management decisions.

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the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office

General coordination: Magda Vincx, Steven Degraer
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