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EnviroGRIDS - Building Capacity for a Black Sea Catchment Observation and Assessment System supporting Sustainable Development

Summary information

Funding:FP7 - Collaborative Research Project-SICA
Total cost:7900000
Ec contribution:6220000
Start date:2009-04-01
End date:2013-03-31
Duration:48 months
Coordinator:Anthony Lehmann (
Organisation:University of Geneva – Switzerland
Regio:Black Sea
Project name:EnviroGRIDS - Building Capacity for a Black Sea Catchment Observation and Assessment System supporting Sustainable Development
Project summary:The Black Sea Basin is internationally recognized for its ecologically unsustainable development and inadequate resource management leading to severe environmental, social and economical problems. EnviroGRIDS aims at developing a Black Sea Basin Observation System that will store, analyze, visualize and disseminate information on past, present and future states of the region to assess and predict its sustainability and vulnerability. A gap analysis will identify specific areas where most efforts are needed. As climatic and hydrological changes are of concern, their impacts on several societal benefits areas of the Group on Earth Observation will be evaluated, namely on environment and health, energy, water, ecosystems, agriculture, biodiversity and environmental risks. EnviroGRIDS will rely on ultra-modern technology using the largest gridded computing infrastructure in the world. It will serve as a benchmark for the development of the European directive on Infrastructure for Spatial Information and for the Global Earth Observation System of Systems. Spatially-explicit scenarios of drivers of changes such as climate, demography and land cover will be created. EnviroGRIDS will be validated through several thematic implementations within the Black Sea basin. Finally, a web-based observation system including attractive visualisation tools will warn target populations about environmental risks and help regional/governmental agencies to prepare the most adequate responses. Capacity building will be based on a networking platform supported by state-of-theart e-learning courses on the internet and on DVD. The aim is to raise public and decision makers’ awareness on key environmental issues and observation system technologies by organizing live and virtual trainings. Through the combination of all these activities, EnviroGRIDS will improve data access and use in the Black Sea basin, and build regional capacity on Observation Systems to favour its sustainable development.