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ECOOP - European COastal-shelf sea OPerational observing and forecasting system

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Summary information

Funding:FP6 - Integrated Project
Total cost:11238655
Ec contribution:30000
Start date:2007-02-01
End date:2010-04-01
Duration:39 months
Coordinator:Friedhelm Schroeder (
Organisation:Institute for Coastal Research, KOI; Danish Meteorological Institute – Denmark
Regio:Baltic Sea; Norht Sea; Mediterranean Sea; Black Sea; North Atlantic
Keywords:Policies, Meteorology; Scientific Research; Renewable Sources of Energy; Other Energy Topics; Energy Saving; Resources of the Sea; Fisheries; Forecasting; Energy Storage; Energy Transport; Fossil Fuels; Social Aspects; Environmental Protection; Waste Management; Safety; Transport; Innovation; Technology Transfer
Project name:ECOOP - European COastal-shelf sea OPerational observing and forecasting system
Project summary:The overall goal of ECOOP is to consolidate, integrate and further develop existing European coastal and regional seas operational observing and forecasting systems into an integrated pan-European system targeted at (i) detecting environmental and climate changes, (ii) predicting their evolution, (iii) producing timely and quality assured forecasts, (iv) providing marine information services (including data, information products, knowledge and scientific advices) and (v) facilitate decision support needs.

This is to be attained through the following activities:
- Integrate existing coastal and regional sea observing (remote sensing, in situ) networks into a pan-European observing system;
- Integrate existing coastal and regional sea forecasting systems into a pan-European forecasting system and assimilate pan-European observation database into the system; Assess the quality of the pan-European observing and forecasting system;
- Advance key technologies for the current and next generation pan-European observing and forecasting system;
- Develop and generate value-added products for detecting environment and climate change signals;
- Integrate and implement a pan-European Marine Information System of Systems (EuroMISS) for general end user needs;
- Develop methodology and demonstrate an European Decision Support System for coastal and regional seas (EuroDeSS) that responds to the needs from targeted end users, as emphasized in the GEOSS and GMES initiatives;
- Carry out technology transfer both in Europe and at intercontinental level, establish education and training capacities to meet the need for ocean forecasters.

ECOOP will achieve its goals by implementing an integration of observations and modelling into a pan-European marine information system of systems (EuroMISS) and design of a European decision support system (EuroDESS) for coastal and regional seas.
Project outputs:Knowledge developed within the project has been shared and disseminated by various means to partners within the project and outside the project to both the scientific community and the public in general. An extensive overview of project achievements, publications and results is available from the final reports and dissemination plan which can be downloaded from the project website.