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Climate change impacts on coastal communities and habitats (scoping study)

Summary information

Funding:EU INTERREG-IVB - Northern Periphery Programme
Total cost:30000
Ec contribution:18000
Start date:2007-01-01
End date:2008-01-01
Duration: months
Coordinator:Western Isles Council Scotland – United Kingdom
Project name:Climate change impacts on coastal communities and habitats (scoping study)
Project summary:This project is a Preparatory Action designed to prepare a more comprehensive project proposal that will examine and quantify the impact of projected climate change on vulnerable low-lying coastal communities and habitats. The aim of the Preparatory Action is to develop relationships between and determine the precise role and task of each partner; identify and establish links with local municipalities to form case studies across the partner regions (Expert Couplet Nodes); identify additional partners as appropriate; review existing knowledge and identify existing climate change initiatives already existing in the participating region.

The Preparatory Action successfully submitted a full proposal COASTADAPT: Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change in Coastal Communities and Habitats on Europe’s Northern Periphery, in March 2008.