“Understanding of biotic response to global change in Earth history is a prime goal in Earth Life system research. The evolution of the Phanerozoic mounds reflects changes triggered by evolutionary innovations and variations in global and regional controls at different scales. The study of ancient mounds requires bridging across disciplines and timescales and a comparative approach leading to the recognition of trends and patterns. Understanding the ecological change of ancient mounds is also crucial to evaluate threats to modern carbonate mounds.“
(modified after Flügel and Kiessling, 2002)




COCARDE is a flexible and modular Industry-Academia Partnership to consolidate and amplify a sustainable mound research and capacity building momentum:
  1. The Spirit: “Open Innovation” in mutual respect of the academic and industrial cultures,
  2. The Plan: a flexible and modular scheme of science-driven flag actions – 4 years Science Plan & Joint Industry Project or JIP – structured in two-years operation and exploitation phases, on which a continuing flow of PhD’s can nucleate
  3. The Resources: a backbone of industrial support plus add-on funding and co-funding from ERC, EC, ESF and national funding sources for start-up, further operational support, networking, exploitation, capacity building, to be addressed at the pace of the calls.