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The program UNIBEST-CL+ is a powerful tool to model longshore sediment transports and morphodynamics of coastlines. Shoreline migration is computed on the basis of computed longshore transports at specific locations along the coast. If required the effect of cross-shore phenomena can be assessed with the UNIBEST-TC and UNIBEST-DE modules. The UNIBEST-CL+ model runs are very time-efficient, which allows for the evaluation of multiple scenarios as well as sensitivity analyses. The shoreline model UNIBEST-CL+ can be used for a wide range of coastal engineering projects. A typical application is the analysis of the large scale morphology of coastal systems to provide insight into the causes of coastal erosion or to predict the impact of planned coastal infrastructure (such as a port) on the coast. Shoreline evolution computations can be made over a period of decades, but also for considerations on a smaller time and spatial scale. It is possible to evaluate the shoreline evolution around coastal protection works (groynes, revetments, river mouth training works and to some extent detached breakwaters).

Developed by: Deltares