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NUI Galway’s Antarctic Explorer gives Public Lecture

'Treasures under the Antarctic ice'

Prof. Bill Baker

Monday 10th November @ 7.15 pm

Kirwan lecture Theatre at NUIG

The lecture is open to the public- please register at


Professor Bill Baker, current day Antarctic explorer, has recently been appointed as a Professor at NUI Galway for 1 year (October 1st 2014-September 30th 2015) through funding from the Beaufort Research Awards.

Professor Baker has established his worldwide reputation in Marine Biodiscovery through searching for and finding chemical treasures in the Antarctic.  His programme has been funded by the National Science Foundation in the USA for the last 24 years.  The chemical compound Palmerolide A, one of the treasures discovered in the Antarctic by Professor Baker, is extremely promising against skin cancer.  In his public lecture Professor Baker will give an account of the challenges and rewards from conducting a research programme in the Antarctic. 

For the next year, Professor Baker and his team at NUI Galway will explore the shores around Ireland searching for molecular treasures.    During his lecture he will show why searching Irish waters for novel chemical agents could potentially lead to new molecules to treat killer diseases.