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Communication challenges in the marine biotech value chain

Published on 30 August 2017

In the ERA-MBT work package on interactions with industry it is realised that for each step in the value chain from source to marketable product there are challenges when communicating knowledge and needs. This was the focus for the workshop ‘From Knowledge to Value’ organised 1 June 2017 by ERA-MBT, supported by AquaTT through the COLUMBUS project, with the intention to identify information and communication challenges between actors in the value chain(s) from academic knowledge to products and services in markets.



With the purpose of drafting a tangible guideline document describing what each actor in the value chain expects from the others, and how optimal communications can be achieved, representatives from research, tech-transfer, investors, law and industry were invited for a one-day intensive workshop in Brussels. Prior to the workshop, a survey was sent to all participants asking their opinions on key communication issues/challenges between different actors at different stages of the value chain, that create bottlenecks or barriers to effective commercialization of knowledge arising from marine biotechnology R&D.

The results of the survey were used to identify three specific cases that were discussed in the workshop. A further analysis grouped the statements received into different categories such as Market Focus and Awareness, Trust, Understanding and Expectations, Roles and Responsibilities, and Financial Issues. All the statements within each category were presented to the workshop participants, who were asked to vote for which statements were considered most important, and toward the end of the day propose solutions to the communication challenges identified.

A report will soon be presented, in which step by step guidelines to be used for everyday work on knowledge output leading to marketable products are proposed, thus releasing the potential for marine biotechnology to act as a substantial contributor to improving the European bioeconomy and our societies.