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Open Stakeholder Consultation

Published on 25 June 2014

The Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET has launched an open consultation to help getting a better overview of the existing interactions between the industry and academia in the area of marine biotechnology. In particular, the aim is to identify the needs and gaps in such interactions.

ERA-MBT will collect the view of our marine researchers, industrial stakeholders and policy makers to explore and identify challenges on the road to develop marine biotechnology into a sustainable and strong driver supporting industrial development of marine biotechnology in Europe.


The questionnaire for this consultation has 3 sections related to following themes:

  • General questions
  • Technical Transfer Practice and Policy
  • Funding schemes and marine biotechnology specific funding issues

The aggregated results will be analysed and used for the purpose of increasing awareness in industrial development environments about the potentials within marine biotechnology. ERA-MBT will further strive to develop mechanisms and tools to reduce or eliminate identified bottlenecks and barriers for a successful development within the area.

As a stakeholder you are kindly invited to provide your inputs to the ERA-MBT consultation following this link: /projects/marinebiotech/open-consultation 

It is possible to close the questionnaire at any time and the questionnaire will start from the beginning and display the answers you already gave when you return to the questionnaire.

An overview of the questionnaire can be consulted in a pdf, before submitting the final responses through the online questionnaire.

The questionnaire is open until 15 August 2014.

For any questions regarding the consultation you can contact Sigurdur Bjornsson, Torger Børresen or Kim Turk.