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Blue Biotechnology study by the European Commission

Published 17 December 2014

The European Commission (DG MARE) has published the "Study in support of impact assessment work on Blue Biotechnology", co-developed by the ECORYS/s.Pro/MRAG consortium contracted by DG MARE.

The main purpose of the study has been to support the European Commission's impact assessment on Blue Biotechnology. The study has collected key information, data and specific analysis on the growth potential of the Blue Biotechnology sector. In addition it will assist stakeholders to fully deliver on the potential of Blue Biotechnology for growth and jobs by promoting the sector's sustainability, competitiveness and visibility.

The study included a comprehensive stakeholder mapping to direct the EU Commission’s consultation process, in which partners of the ERA-MBT project have contributed through an online questionnaire and a full day workshop.

Blue Biotechnology has been highlighted as one of the five blue growth focus areas in the 2012 European Commission strategy. In particular, it called for strengthened efforts to find competitive niches such as high-value products for the health, cosmetic and other industrial biotechnology sectors.

Find more information on the contribution of ERA-MBT partners to the DG MARE consultation on marine biotechnology in previous news article.


 Download the publication here.