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Sustainable Blue Growth Agenda for the Baltic Sea Region

Published 25 November 2016

The Sustainable Blue Growth Agenda for the Baltic Sea Region, adopted by the European Commission in 2014, highlights the extraordinary potential for developing the maritime economy in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). A hotbed for innovation and competitiveness, the BSR also features a strong tradition of transnational cooperation for working with and for a healthy Baltic Sea. In order to harness these unique characteristics, the Commission is now taking the development of the Baltic Blue Growth Agenda one step further.

With this initiative the Commission organises a multi-sectoral stakeholder dialogue to discuss and identify in greater depth the processes to realise the Baltic Blue Growth Agenda. The aim is to push the boundaries of strategic transnational cooperation for the maritime economy in the BSR and to kick-start the implementation of its Baltic Blue Growth Agenda by raising mutual understanding, creating ownership and stimulating the systematic interplay between the various actors throughout the region. Focus will initially be on the following mix of high-potential and emerging areas. Their selection does not mean that others are considered less important (e.g. ocean energy or fisheries) and may be taken up in future steps:
⇢⇢Blue Bio-economy,
⇢⇢Shipping (short sea, shipbuilding, maritime technologies, satellite, big data),
⇢⇢Environmental & Monitoring Technology,
⇢⇢Tourism & Maritime Experience Industry.

The implementation strategy will comprise a vision 2030, lay out strategic transformation maps that identify the necessary transformative steps and structures and highlight priority actions targeting all relevant stakeholders in the BSR (e.g. industry, regions, research, clusters, projects, EUSBSR). It will be based on a multi-sector and cross-Baltic approach to innovation and sustainability and take due regard of the most urgent industry challenges and entrepreneurial opportunities throughout the region.

The Baltic Sea Blue Growth Survey is up and running: deadline 2 December