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BRAAVOO Workshop and Creative Design Course

Jan-31-16 to Feb-06-16
University of Lausanne, Switzerland

The BRAAVOO Workshop and Creative Design Course, organized in collaboration with the Envirobot "BioDesign for the Real World" initiative, will provide an opportunity for 5 days of intensive learning and hands-on experience in biosensor theory and practice, culminating with the construction and use of both a bacterial biosensor and a field-portable DIY fluorescence detector, that each student will make.

The course will offer possibilities to design, produce, and test a variety of heavy metal or organic compound biosensors. Course lectures will be given in English, and are planned to offer a dynamic and interactive opportunity to explore aspects of biosensor development and use in environmental monitoring. The program will furthermore include evening lectures and a visit to the Hackuarium, a local biohacker space. Independent researchers, Masters and PhD students and postdoctoral fellows at the interface between microbiology and engineering are particularly invited to attend. The idea is to encourage multidisciplinary integration of biology and engineering to help solve real-world problems.

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