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Conference “Making more of Bioeconomy R&D Results”

Oct-06-15 to Oct-07-15
Brussels, Belgium

The interactive event “Making more of Bioeconomy R&D Results” provides an excellent opportunity for participants in FP7 bioeconomy consortia to present the expected results of their R&D projects to their peers. They can also meet and engage with exploitation experts ready to offer professional support to the uptake of bioeconomy R&D results towards market, further research and policy making.

The conference is divided by topics so participants can choose the day most relevant for them:

  • Tuesday 6th October: Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Wednesday 7th October: Food and Biotechnology

Participants have the following options to present depending on the nature and maturity of their project result(s):

  1. Result with market potential: Pitch your result/product and present your ideas on its potential in 5 minutes. Get feedback about your exploitation strategy.
  2. Result relevant to design or improve policy making: Present how your findings could inform policy making and engage in a debate on the best methodology for doing so.
  3. Further develop your concepts: Present your result that need further development and discuss with a group what kind of project and financing would help reach a higher TRL.

This innovative conference format addresses the challenges highlighted by the European Commission to get more impact from the R&D results coming out of EC-funded projects.

Registration is compulsory to ensure participation. Please register here no later than 10th September 2015.

The agenda is regularly updated here.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Conference Manager Ms Emma Bello ( for further information about the event.