Air quality

Definition : Daily average concentration of Ozone (g/m), Particulate matter that have a diameter less than 10 micrometres PM-10 (g/m), sulfurous dioxide SO2 (g/m) and nitorgen dioxide NO2 (g/m) from permanent measuring stations in the coastal zones of the SAIL sub-regions
Description : Fine particulates (PM-10) have a diameter less than 10m and therefore can be carried deep into the lungs where they may cause inflammation and chronic lung diseases. Ozone and PM (10, 5, 2) are a concern for human health, specifically to people with lung and heart diseases. SO2 and CO are related to acidification processes. Nitrogen may be absorbed by sea water and add to eutrophication and algal blooms. Transboundary cooperation between the monitoring networks of Flanders and Nord-Pas-de-Calais has enabled valuable comparison and interpretation of air quality and related processes.
Fact sheet : Download fact sheet in pdf

Datasets available soon in interactive graphs and maps.

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Air quality
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