July 2011, First issue

Innovative technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate

THESEUS is the largest Integrated Project within coastal risk assessment and mitigation funded by the European Commission and consists of 31 partner institutes. The project is developing a systematic approach to deliver both a low-risk coast for human use and healthy coastal habitats for evolving coastal zones subjected to multiple factors.


»Theseus meeting in Gdansk
» Storm Becky hit Santander
» Salt Marshes: the ecological perspective
» Exchange young researchers within Theseus project
» First results of wave energy experiments
» New in the Mediastore: experiment movies


Theseus meeting in Gdansk

During 24th-26th of May, the institute of Hydro-engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdansk welcomed representatives of all 31 project partners for the fourth Theseus meeting. This event, lead by coordinator Barbara Zanuttigh, was an key moment for the project.

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Storm Becky hit Santander

Last autumn, the Santander Bay study site was subjected to the full force of a vicious wind storm. Becky raged throughout the Cantabrian Coast leaving significant economical costs for the area.

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Salt Marshes: the ecological perspective

A proper understanding of the responses of salt-marshes to increasing pressures is crucial for the effective conservation of these ecosystems as well as their development as a coastal defense. NIOO-CEME of Yerseke (Netherlands) is currently investigating such responses on a European scale. The knowledge generated by this study will aid in assessing current salt-marsh health and provide insight in which locations are suitable for development of salt-marshes as soft mitigation

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Exchange of Young Researchers within Theseus project

Through the funding of Marco Polo grants, the Theseus project is promoting the mobility of young researchers between the different Theseus partners. Join young scientist Andrea Natalia Raosa as she shares her experiences.

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First results of wave energy experiments within Theseus

Rapidly developing wave energy converters are presenting promising new opportunities for renewable energy production as well as coastal defense. The UNIBO group of the university Bologna cooperated with the partners of the Aalborg University to produce the first experiments on wave energy farms within the THESEUS project. They present their preliminary results on the efficiency of the DEXA wave plants.

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New in the Mediastore: experiment movies

The Theseus Mediastore now features a movie section. Watch experiments of the multidisciplinary partners within Theseus and share your own expertise through this channel.

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With contributions from Elisa Angelelli, Tjeerd Bouma, Fernando J. Mendez, Jim van Belzen, Andrea Natalia Raosa, Malgorzata Robakiewicz | Edited by Maarten De Rijcke & Simon Claus