November 2011, Second issue

Innovative technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate

THESEUS is the largest Integrated Project within coastal risk assessment and mitigation funded by the European Commission and consists of 31 partner institutes. The project is developing a systematic approach to deliver both a low-risk coast for human use and healthy coastal habitats for evolving coastal zones subjected to multiple factors.


»Risk Perception and coastal flooding
» THESEUS session at Temperate Reefs Symposium
» Exchange young researchers within THESEUS project
» THESEUS session at Coastal Structures Conference
» Presenting: The THESEUS Wiki-Portal


Risk Perception and coastal flooding

A THESEUS funded study investigated how local communities and stakeholders perceive the risks related to coastal flooding and erosion and how these perceptions relate to scientific knowledge.

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THESEUS session at Temperate Reefs Symposium

There was much interest in the recent THESEUS themed section at the 9th International Temperate Reefs Symposium at the University of Plymouth which featured a range of talks on 'Artificial structures'.

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Exchange of Young Researchers within THESEUS project

Through the funding of Marco Polo grants, the THESEUS project is promoting the mobility of young researchers between the different THESEUS partners. Join young scientist Giulio Franzitta as he shares his experiences.

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THESEUS session at Coastal Structures Conference

On September 6th 2011, the special session 'THESEUS - Coastal risks in a changing climate' was held at the Coastal Structures 2011 conference in Yokohama, Japan.

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Presenting: The THESEUS Wiki-Portal

To improve the visibility of the results from THESEUS research, the THESEUS Wiki-Portal has been launched. This Portal will include information gathered at the 8 different study sites and is updated by the THESEUS project partners.

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With contributions from Louise Firth, Jean-Paul Vanderlinden, Juan Baztan Nabil Touili, Idrissa Oumar Kane, Bénédicte Rulleau, Pedro Diaz Simal, Luca Pietrantoni, Gabrielle Prati, Fabio Zagonari, Jacek Lendzion, Raimonds Ernstein, Barbara Zanuttigh & Giulio Franzitta.
Edited by Daphnis De Pooter & Simon Claus