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By organising VLIZ Science Symposia on a regular basis, VLIZ aims to bring together scientists around specific topics of the VLIZ research framework. These symposia are an opportunity to exchange knowledge, build networks and start collaboration.

Forthcoming edition

Marine Biodiversity in Belgium

Wednesday 23 May 2018

InnovOcean site | Oostende, Belgium

On Wednesday 23 May 2018, the second VLIZ Science Symposium is organised on the occasion of the project BeRMS 2020 – An Innovative Census of Belgian Marine Biodiversity. In this project, VLIZ wants to bring together biodiversity researchers to give the Belgian Register of Marine Species (BeRMS) a major update, develop innovative ways to observe biodiversity, test hypotheses related to past and present biodiversity and investigate its importance for the functioning of the North Sea ecosystem.

Five internationally renowned speakers, followed by pitch presentations, are programmed in the morning. In the afternoon, we foresee time for discussions to stimulate the exchange of ideas and the initiation of coordinated research actions within and around the BeRMS 2020 project.