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Wehe, T. (2007). Revision of the scale worms (Polychaeta:Aphroditoidea) occurring in the seas surrounding the Arabian Peninsula. Part II: Sigalionidae. Fauna of Arabia. 23: 41–124.
Wehe, T.
Revision of the scale worms (Polychaeta:Aphroditoidea) occurring in the seas surrounding the Arabian Peninsula. Part II: Sigalionidae
Fauna of Arabia
23: 41–124
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This is the second in a series of studies on scale worms (Aphroditoidea) from the seas surrounding the Arabian Peninsula: Suez Canal, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, and The Gulf. Based on types and other specimens, this study represents the first revision of Sigalionidae comprising all species currently recognised as valid in the area investigated. The species are described and illustrated in detail and taxonomic problems are discussed. Identification keys to all taxa are given. Distribution, faunal affinities, Lessepsian migration and endemism are discussed. Nineteen species belonging to 12 genera are confirmed. Six species are new records for one or more of the sea areas. Additionally, one new genus and five new species are described: Mustaquimsthenelais n. gen. dendropapillata n. sp., Sigalion oligospinosus n. sp., Sigalion omanensis n. sp., Sigalion orientalis n. sp., and Sigalion socotrensis n. sp. Sthenelais minor digitata is considered a junior synonym of Fimbriosthenelais hirsuta. Diagnoses of two genera (Sthenelanella and Sthenolepis) are amended. Eight of the 19 species (42 %) are shared with other parts of the Indo-West Pacific. Nine species (48 %) are presently considered endemic to the region. Fimbriosthenelais longipinnis is likely to represent a Lessepsian migrant.
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