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Freitas, Roberta; Ribeiro, Rannyele Passos; Ruta, Christine. (2022). Kirkegaardia Blake, 2016 (Annelida: Cirratulidae) from Southeastern Brazil with description of nine new species. PLOS ONE. 17(5): e0265336, 1-27.
10.1371/journal.pone.0265336 [view]
Freitas, Roberta; Ribeiro, Rannyele Passos; Ruta, Christine
Kirkegaardia Blake, 2016 (Annelida: Cirratulidae) from Southeastern Brazil with description of nine new species
17(5): e0265336, 1-27
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyD).
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This is the first taxonomic study of cirratulid polychaetes of the genus Kirkegaardia Blake, 2016 from Brazil. Nine new species of the genus are described from the Southern Brazilian coast (50–3000 m deep). The genus Kirkegaardia is generally subdivided into three distinct groups of species (Kirkegaardia dorsobranchialis-heterochaeta, Kirkegaardia baptisteae-tesselata and Kirkegaardia luticastella) and several out-group species for which relationships remains to be defined. In this study, new species were included in the Kirkegaardia dorsobranchialis-heterochaeta and Kirkegaardia baptisteae-tesselata groups. Kirkegaardia dorsobranchialis-heterochaeta is characterized by thoracic parapodia elevated producing a channel between the notopodia, elongate pre-setigerous region that is either entirely smooth or modified with a dorsal ridge and/or rings, and noto- and neurosetae capillaries denticulated. As belonging to this group, K. blakei sp. nov., K. brisae sp. nov., K. goytaca sp. nov., K. jongo sp. nov. and K. papaveroi sp. nov. are described here. Kirkegaardia baptisteae-tesselata includes species that lack thoracic parapodia elevated and mid-dorsal thoracic groove, although a dorsal ridge is sometimes developed. In the pre-setigerous region dorsal ridges and rings are present or absent. Most species in this group have neurosetae denticulated, and notosetae capillaries of other types. This study adds K. helenae sp. nov., K. medusa sp. nov., K. nupem sp. nov. and K. zafirae sp. nov. to the latter species group. In addition, two new records are provided for K. hampsoni. A key to cirratulid polychaete species reported from Brazilian waters is provided.
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