Marine Information and Data Acquisition System
Operations and schedule
Technical specifications
Scientific equipment


For questions on scientific operations or schedule contact Andre Cattrijsse by phone:059/34.21.39 or mail:Andre.Cattrijsse@vliz.be
For technical issues or data requests contact Francisco Hernandez by phone:059/34.21.36 or mail:Francisco.Hernandez@vliz.be
The RV Simon Stevin can be reached by phone : 0476/40 40 89 or fax : 0477/78 03 52

Area of operations and schedule

The area of operations of the Simon Stevin comprises the Belgian part of the North Sea, the adjacent French and Dutch coastal waters, and the Westerschelde. Cruises to more distant coastal zones are within the possibilities but the multidisciplinary marine scientific campaigns of the Simon Stevin are confined to the North Sea and the Channel. This working area is restricted to the area situated between latitudes 56 °N and 48 °N to the north and 48 °N to the south (The Belgian part of the North Sea, the south- and east coast of England, the north coast of France and the coasts of the Netherlands and Germany).

The schedule for the RV Simon Stevin is available here.

Also available is an overview of the cruises and campaigns in tabular form.

All underway data collected by the monitoring system and information on the research activities performed onboard is available through the same links.

To request ship time please use this form.