The North Atlantic Register for Marine Species, or NARMS, describes the species biodiversity of the northern North Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea.

Featured are up-to-date species registers for both sides of the North Atlantic. The NW list spans diatoms to marine mammals in North American waters from Davis Strait to Cape Hatteras. The "European" list has many more species, including additional lower life forms, in the continental shelf seas of Europe from Greenland and north-west Russia to the Canaries and Azores, including the Mediterranean shelf and the Black Sea. Information on species and higher taxa, with options for geographic scope, can be accessed through the Search taxa tab. The Taxon browser tab leads to expandable classifications for NW and European registers in adjacent windows. Also on this page, clicking on "Taxa common to the NW Atlantic and Europe" will provide the desired list.

The European register is derived from the MarBEF ( database Aphia. Aphia was developed for the European Register of Marine Species, or ERMS (, and now includes additional species lists, such as from the Indian Ocean and the Antarctic. Aphia, and the classification adopted, are described on the ERMS site. The NW Atlantic register is a product of the Atlantic Reference Centre (ARC) of the Huntsman Marine Science Centre ( Classification also follows Aphia. This register is an outgrowth of species lists of the ARC's Bay of Fundy Species Information ( and other web products, expanded to the Gulf of Maine, Canadian Atlantic, and finally NW North Atlantic species. These lists are posted temporarily at ARC species lists are based on paper and electronic published, in-press, and unpublished literature, and the ARC museum database. Though some sources and species were undoubtedly missed, an attempt was made to make these lists comprehensive and authoritative species registers.


Huntsman marine Science Centre

Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee

Coordinating Research on the Northern Atlantic (CORONA)

Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning (MarBEF)

US National Science Foundation (NSF)

6th Framework Programme, European Union (EU)



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