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Jereb, P.; Roper, C.F.E. (Eds)(2005). An annotated an illustrated catalogue of cephalopod species known to date. Volume 1: Chambered nautilusses and sepioids (Nautilidae, Sepiidae, Sepiolidae, Sepiadariidae, Idiosepiidae and Spirulidae). FAO Species Catalogue for Fishery Purposes 4(1). FAO, Rome. 262p., 9 colour plates.
This is the first volume of the entirely rewritten, revised and updated version of the original FAO Catalogue of Cephalopods of the World (1984). The present Volume is a multiauthored compilation that reviews six families: Nautilidae, Sepiidae, Sepiolidae, Sepiadariidae, Idiosepiidae and Spirulidae, with 23 genera and the 201 species known to the date of the completion of the volume. It provides accounts for all families and genera, as well as illustrated keys to all taxa. Information under each species account includes: valid modern systematic name and original citation of the species (or subspecies); main synonyms; English, French and Spanish FAO names for the species; illustrations of dorsal and ventral aspect of the whole animal (as necessary) and other distinguishing illustrations; field characteristics; diagnostic features; geographic and vertical distribution, including GIS map; size; habitat; biology; interest to fishery; local names when available; a remarks section (as necessary) and literature. The volume is fully indexed and also includes sections on terminology and measurements, an extensive glossary, an introduction with an updated review of the existing biological knowledge on cephalopods (including fisheries information and catch data for recent years) and a dedicated bibliography.
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Chinese leung yee jai for Euprymna berryi Sasaki, 1929
English big bottom bobtail squid for Austrorossia australis (Berry, 1918)
English big-eyed bobtail squid for Austrorossia bipapillata (Sasaki, 1920)
English bottle squids for Sepiadariidae P. Fischer, 1882
English bottletail squids for Sepiadariidae P. Fischer, 1882
English Carol bobtail squid for Neorossia caroli (Joubin, 1902)
English common bobtail squid for Sepietta oweniana (d'Orbigny, 1841)
English dwarf bobtail squid for Sepiola rondeletii Leach, 1817
English elegant bobtail squid for Sepietta neglecta Naef, 1916
English globito mimika for Euprymna morsei (Verrill, 1881)
English greater shining bobtail squid for Semirossia equalis (Voss, 1950)
English humming-bird bobtail squid for Euprymna berryi Sasaki, 1929
English Japanese bobtail squid for Sepiolina nipponensis (Berry, 1911)
English knobby bobtail squid [from synonym] for Sepiola trirostrata Voss, 1962
English Koch’s bottletail squid for Sepiadarium kochii Steenstrup, 1881
English lentil bobtail squid for Rondeletiola minor (Naef, 1912)
English lesser shining bobtail squid for Semirossia tenera (Verrill, 1880)
English leucoptera bobtail squid for Stoloteuthis leucoptera (Verrill, 1878)
English Mimika bobtail squid for Euprymna morsei (Verrill, 1881)
English mysterious bobtail squid for Sepietta obscura Naef, 1916
English odd bobtail squid for Heteroteuthis dispar (Rüppell, 1844)
English pygmy cuttlefishes for Idiosepiidae Appellöf, 1898
English ram's horn squid for Spirula spirula (Linnaeus, 1758)
English robust bobtail squid for Sepiola robusta Naef, 1912
English southern bobtail squid for Euprymna tasmanica (Pfeffer, 1884)
English southern bottletail squid for Sepiadarium austrinum Berry, 1921
English spotty bobtail squid [from synonym] for Sepiola parva Sasaki, 1913
English stout bobtail squid for Rossia macrosoma (Delle Chiaje, 1830)
English tongue bobtail squid [from synonym] for Sepiola ligulata Naef, 1912
English Tortuga bobtail squid for Rossia tortugaensis Voss, 1956
French requin de Port Jackson for Heterodontidae Gray, 1851
French seiche élégante for Sepia elegans Blainville, 1827
French seiches pygmées for Idiosepiidae Appellöf, 1898
French sépiole for Rossia macrosoma (Delle Chiaje, 1830)
French sépiole à gros yeux for Austrorossia bipapillata (Sasaki, 1920)
French sépiole australe for Austrorossia australis (Berry, 1918)
French sépiole bobie for Rondeletiola minor (Naef, 1912)
French sépiole bosselée [from synonym] for Sepiola trirostrata Voss, 1962
French sépiole calamarette for Semirossia tenera (Verrill, 1880)
French sépiole colibri for Euprymna berryi Sasaki, 1929
French sépiole commune for Sepietta oweniana (d'Orbigny, 1841)
French sépiole cracheuse for Semirossia equalis (Voss, 1950)
French sépiole de Carol for Neorossia caroli (Joubin, 1902)
French sépiole de la Tortue for Rossia tortugaensis Voss, 1956
French sépiole différente for Heteroteuthis dispar (Rüppell, 1844)
French sépiole du Pacifique boréal for Rossia pacifica pacifica Berry, 1911
French sépiole du Tasmanie for Euprymna tasmanica (Pfeffer, 1884)
French sépiole élégante for Sepietta neglecta Naef, 1916
French sépiole japonaise for Sepiolina nipponensis (Berry, 1911)
French sépiole languette [from synonym] for Sepiola ligulata Naef, 1912
French sépiole leucoptère for Stoloteuthis leucoptera (Verrill, 1878)
French sépiole melon for Rossia macrosoma (Delle Chiaje, 1830)
French sépiole mignonne for Austrorossia antillensis (Voss, 1955)
French sépiole mimika for Euprymna morsei (Verrill, 1881)
French sépiole mouchetée [from synonym] for Sepiola parva Sasaki, 1913
French sépiole mystérieuse for Sepietta obscura Naef, 1916
French sépiole naine for Sepiola rondeletii Leach, 1817
French sépiole robuste for Sepiola robusta Naef, 1912
French sépiolette de Koch for Sepiadarium kochii Steenstrup, 1881
French sépiolette du sud for Sepiadarium austrinum Berry, 1921
French sépiolettes for Sepiadariidae P. Fischer, 1882
French spirule for Spirula spirula (Linnaeus, 1758)
Italian babbunedda for Rossia macrosoma (Delle Chiaje, 1830)
Italian cape e chiuove for Rossia macrosoma (Delle Chiaje, 1830)
Italian capo di chiodo for Rossia macrosoma (Delle Chiaje, 1830)
Italian cappuccetto for Rondeletiola minor (Naef, 1912)
Italian cappuccetto for Sepietta oweniana (d'Orbigny, 1841)
Italian cappuccetto for Sepiola robusta Naef, 1912
Italian cappuccetto for Sepiola rondeletii Leach, 1817
Italian castagnola for Sepia elegans Blainville, 1827
Italian purpo seccia for Rossia macrosoma (Delle Chiaje, 1830)
Italian seppia elegante for Sepia elegans Blainville, 1827
Italian seppiola comune for Sepietta oweniana (d'Orbigny, 1841)
Italian seppiola di Rondelet for Sepiola rondeletii Leach, 1817
Italian seppiola grossa for Rossia macrosoma (Delle Chiaje, 1830)
Italian seppiola grossa di fondo for Neorossia caroli (Joubin, 1902)
Italian seppiola linguetta [from synonym] for Sepiola ligulata Naef, 1912
Italian seppiola minore for Rondeletiola minor (Naef, 1912)
Italian seppiola misteriosa for Sepietta obscura Naef, 1916
Italian seppiola robusta for Sepiola robusta Naef, 1912
Italian vurpascele for Rossia macrosoma (Delle Chiaje, 1830)
Japanese bouzuika for Rossia pacifica pacifica Berry, 1911
Japanese niyori-mimi-ika for Euprymna berryi Sasaki, 1929
Spanish calamarcito for Semirossia tenera (Verrill, 1880)
Spanish castaño for Sepia elegans Blainville, 1827
Spanish choco for Rossia macrosoma (Delle Chiaje, 1830)
Spanish chopito for Rossia macrosoma (Delle Chiaje, 1830)
Spanish espírula for Spirula spirula (Linnaeus, 1758)
Spanish globito for Rossia macrosoma (Delle Chiaje, 1830)
Spanish globito aberrante for Heteroteuthis dispar (Rüppell, 1844)
Spanish globito antillano for Austrorossia antillensis (Voss, 1955)
Spanish globito austral for Austrorossia australis (Berry, 1918)
Spanish globito colibri for Euprymna berryi Sasaki, 1929
Spanish globito de Carol for Neorossia caroli (Joubin, 1902)
Spanish globito de Tasmania for Euprymna tasmanica (Pfeffer, 1884)
Spanish globito de Tortugas for Rossia tortugaensis Voss, 1956
Spanish globito del Pacífico boreal for Rossia pacifica pacifica Berry, 1911
Spanish globito leucóptero for Stoloteuthis leucoptera (Verrill, 1878)
Spanish globito ojos grandes for Austrorossia bipapillata (Sasaki, 1920)
Spanish globito pequeño for Rondeletiola minor (Naef, 1912)