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Strong E.E., Harasewych M.G. & Haszprunar G. 2005. Phylogeny of the Cocculinoidea (Mollusca, Gastropoda). Invertebrate Biology 122(2): 114-125
The superfamily Cocculinoidea is a group of marine, deep-water, limpet-like gastropods. Recent speculation surrounding their affinities has concentrated on their placement within the Gastropoda. However, phylogenetic relationships within the Cocculinoidea, especially the monophyly of families and genera within the group, remain poorly understood. Phylogenetic analysis of 31 morphological characters for 15 cocculinoidean taxa and 2 outgroups resulted in a single most parsimonious tree, length=70, CI=0.62, and RI=0.71. Monophyly of the Cocculinoidea, Cocculinidae, and the genera Cocculina and Coccopigya was supported; Paracocculina and Coccocrater were found to be paraphyletic. Character optimization demonstrates that many characters often cited as diagnostic of various taxa, are often homoplastic and/or synapomorphies at different hierarchical levels.
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Cocculinoidea Dall, 1882 (additional source)