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Krayesky, D. M.; Meave, D. C.; Zamudio, E.; Norris, E.; Fredericq, S.; Tunnell, J. (2009). Diatoms (Bacillariophyta) of the Gulf of Mexico. Gulf of Mexico origin, waters, and biota. 1: 155-186.
Krayesky, D. M.; Meave, D. C.; Zamudio, E.; Norris, E.; Fredericq, S.; Tunnell, J.
Diatoms (Bacillariophyta) of the Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Mexico origin, waters, and biota
1: 155-186
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Achnanthes brevipes C.Agardh, 1824 (additional source)
Achnanthes coarctata (Brébisson ex W.Smith) Grunow, 1880 (additional source)
Achnanthes delicatula (Kützing) Grunow in Cleve & Grunow, 1880 accepted as Planothidium delicatulum (Kützing) Round & Bukhtiyarova, 1996 accepted as Achnanthidium delicatulum f. delicatulum Kützing, 1844 (additional source)
Achnanthes hungarica (Grunow) Grunow, 1880 accepted as Lemnicola hungarica (Grunow) F.E.Round & P.W.Basson, 1997 accepted as Achnanthidium hungaricum Grunow, 1863 (additional source)
Achnanthes lanceolata (Brébisson ex Kützing) Grunow, 1880 accepted as Planothidium lanceolatum (Brébisson ex Kützing) Bukhtiyarova, 1999 (additional source)
Achnanthes lemmermannii Hustedt, 1933 (additional source)
Achnanthes longipes C.Agardh, 1824 (additional source)
Achnanthidium biasolettianum (Grunow) Bukhtiyarova, 1995 accepted as Achnanthes biasolettiana var. biasolettiana Grunow accepted as Achnanthes biasolettiana Grunow, 1880 accepted as Achnanthidium pyrenaicum (Hustedt) H.Kobayasi, 1997 accepted as Achnanthes pyrenaica var. pyrenaica Hustedt, 1939 (basis of record)
Actinocyclus divisus (Grunow) Hustedt, 1958 accepted as Coscinodiscus divisus var. divisus Grunow, 1878 (additional source)
Actinocyclus octonarius Ehrenberg, 1837 accepted as Actinoptychus octonarius (Ehrenberg) Kützing, 1844 accepted as Actinocyclus octonarius var. octonarius Ehrenberg, 1837 (additional source)
Actinoptychus senarius (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg, 1843 accepted as Actinocyclus senarius Ehrenberg, 1838 (additional source)
Actinoptychus splendens (Shadbolt) Ralfs ex Pritchard, 1861 (additional source)
Amphiprora alata (Ehrenberg) Kützing, 1844 accepted as Entomoneis alata (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg, 1845 (additional source)
Amphiprora gigantea Grunow, 1860 (additional source)
Amphiprora pulchra Bailey, 1851 accepted as Entomoneis pulchra (Bailey) Reimer, 1975 (additional source)
Amphora acuta Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Amphora angularis Gregory, 1855 accepted as Halamphora angularis (Gregory) Levkov, 2009 (additional source)
Amphora angusta Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Amphora arenaria Donkin, 1858 (additional source)
Amphora binodis Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Amphora cingulata Cleve, 1875 (additional source)
Amphora coffeaeformis (C.Agardh) Kützing, 1844 accepted as Halamphora coffeiformis (C.Agardh) Levkov, 2009 (additional source)
Amphora costata W.Smith, 1853 accepted as Halamphora costata (W.Smith) Levkov, 2009 (additional source)
Amphora crassa Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Amphora cymbifera Gregory, 1857 accepted as Halamphora cymbifera (Gregory) Levkov, 2009 (additional source)
Amphora decussata Grunow, 1877 accepted as Tetramphora decussata (Grunow, 1877) Stepanek & Kociolek, 2016 (additional source)
Amphora dubia Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Amphora exigua Gregory, 1857 accepted as Halamphora exigua (Gregory) Levkov, 2009 (additional source)
Amphora fluminensis Grunow, 1863 (additional source)
Amphora grevilleana Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Amphora hyalina Kützing, 1844 accepted as Halamphora hyalina (Ku¨tzing) Rimet & R. Jahn in Rimet et al., 2018 (additional source)
Amphora laevis Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Amphora libyca Ehrenberg, 1840 (additional source)
Amphora lyrata Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Amphora marina W.Smith, 1857 (additional source)
Amphora obtusa W.Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Amphora ocellata Donkin, 1861 (additional source)
Amphora ovalis (Kützing) Kützing, 1844 (additional source)
Amphora pediculus (Kützing) Grunow ex A.Schmidt, 1875 (additional source)
Amphora proteus Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Amphora rhombica Kitton, 1876 accepted as Tetramphora rhombica (Kitton in Schmidt, 1876) Stepanek & Kociolek, 2016 (additional source)
Amphora robusta Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Amphora spectabilis Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Amphora tenerrima Aleem & Hustedt, 1951 (additional source)
Amphora turgida Gregory, 1857 accepted as Halamphora turgida (Gregory) Levkov, 2009 accepted as Amphora turgida var. turgida Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Anaulus balticus Simonsen, 1959 (additional source)
Anomoeoneis vitrea (Grunow) R.Ross, 1966 accepted as Gomphonema vitreum Grunow, 1878 (additional source)
Asterionella formosa Hassall, 1850 (additional source)
Asterionella gracillima (Hantzsch) Heiberg, 1863 (additional source)
Asterionella notata Grunow ex Van Heurck, 1881 accepted as Asterionella bleakeleyi var. notata Grunow, 1867 (additional source)
Asterionellopsis glacialis (Castracane) Round, 1990 accepted as Asterionella glacialis Castracane, 1886 (additional source)
Asteromphalus flabellatus (Brébisson) Greville, 1859 (additional source)
Asteromphalus heptactis (Brébisson) Ralfs, 1861 (additional source)
Asteromphalus hookeri Ehrenberg, 1844 (additional source)
Aulacodiscus argus (Ehrenberg) A.Schmidt, 1886 accepted as Tripodiscus argus Ehrenberg, 1839 (additional source)
Aulacoseira granulata (Ehrenberg) Simonsen, 1979 (additional source)
Auliscus pruinosus Bailey (additional source)
Auliscus reticulatus Greville (additional source)
Auliscus sculptus (W.Smith) Brightwell, 1860 accepted as Eupodiscus sculptus W.Smith, 1853 (additional source)
Azpeitia nodulifera (A.W.F.Schmidt) G.A.Fryxell & P.A.Sims, 1986 (additional source)
Bacillaria paxillifer (O.F.Müller) T.Marsson, 1901 accepted as Vibrio paxillifer O.F.Müller, 1786 (additional source)
Bacillariophyta (additional source)
Bacteriastrum delicatulum Cleve, 1897 (additional source)
Bacteriastrum elongatum Cleve, 1897 (additional source)
Bacteriastrum furcatum Shadbolt, 1854 (additional source)
Bacteriastrum hyalinum Lauder, 1864 (additional source)
Bellerochea malleus (Brightwell) Van Heurck, 1885 (additional source)
Berkeleya rutilans (Trentepohl ex Roth) Grunow, 1880 (additional source)
Biddulphia alternans (Bailey) Van Heurck, 1885 accepted as Trigonium alternans (Bailey) A.Mann, 1907 accepted as Triceratium alternans f. alternans J.W. Bailey, 1851 (additional source)
Biddulphia antediluviana (Ehrenberg) Van Heurck, 1885 (additional source)
Biddulphia biddulphiana (J.E.Smith) Boyer, 1900 (additional source)
Biddulphia granulata Roper, 1859 † accepted as Cerataulus granulatus (Roper) P.A. Sims & D.M. Williams, 2018 † (additional source)
Biddulphia obtusa (Kützing) Ralfs, 1861 accepted as Odontella obtusa Kützing, 1844 (additional source)
Biddulphia spinosa (J.W.Bailey) Boyer, 1927 accepted as Triceratium spinosum f. spinosum J.W. Bailey, 1844 (additional source)
Biddulphia subaequa (Kützing) J.Ralfs, 1861 (additional source)
Biremis ambigua (Cleve) D.G.Mann, 1990 accepted as Pinnularia ambigua var. ambigua Cleve, 1895 (basis of record)
Caloneis liber (W.Smith) Cleve, 1894 (additional source)
Caloneis linearis (Grunow) Boyer, 1927 accepted as Navicula linearis Grunow, 1860 (additional source)
Caloneis permagna (Bailey) Cleve, 1894 (additional source)
Caloneis westii (W.Smith) Hendey, 1964 (additional source)
Campylodiscus birostratus Deby, 1891 (additional source)
Campylodiscus echeneis Ehrenberg ex Kützing, 1844 accepted as Coronia echeneis (Ehrenberg ex Kützing) Ehrenberg, 1912 (additional source)
Campylodiscus hibernicus Ehrenberg, 1845 (additional source)
Campylodiscus hodgsonii W.Smith, 1853 (additional source)
Campylodiscus ralfsii W.Smith, 1853 (additional source)
Campylodiscus simulans Gregory, 1857 (additional source)
Campylosira alexandrica Salah, 1955 (additional source)
Campylosira cymbelliformis (A.Schmidt) Grunow ex Van Heurck, 1885 (additional source)
Catacombas gaillonii (Bory de Saint-Vincent) D.M.Williams & Round, 1986 accepted as Navicula gaillonii Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1824 (additional source)
Cavinula cocconeiformis (Gregory ex Greville) D.G.Mann & A.J.Stickle, 1990 accepted as Navicula cocconeiformis f. cocconeiformis Gregory ex Greville, 1855 (additional source)
Cerataulina pelagica (Cleve) Hendey, 1937 accepted as Cerataulina bergonii Ostenfeld, 1903 (additional source)
Cerataulus smithii Ralfs ex Pritchard, 1861 (additional source)
Chaetoceros anastomosans Grunow, 1882 (additional source)
Chaetoceros atlanticus Cleve, 1873 (additional source)
Chaetoceros borealis Bailey, 1854 (additional source)
Chaetoceros brevis F.Schütt, 1895 (additional source)
Chaetoceros castracanei Karsten, 1905 (additional source)
Chaetoceros cinctus Gran, 1897 (additional source)
Chaetoceros coarctatus Lauder, 1864 (additional source)
Chaetoceros concavicornis Mangin, 1917 (additional source)