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Wesenberg-Lund, Elise. (1959). Sipunculoidea and Echiuroidea from tropical West Africa. Atlantide Report. 5: 177–210.
Wesenberg-Lund, Elise
Sipunculoidea and Echiuroidea from tropical West Africa
Atlantide Report
5: 177–210
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None: Introduction: The material worked up in this paper is· mainly collected by the "Atlantide" Expedition 1945-46 (Dr. Brunn) in the waters west of Africa from the Cape Verde Islands and Dakar in the north to S. Paolo de Luando in the south. […] Relatively little is known of the Gephyrean fauna of West African areas; any collection from this part of the Atlantic may therefore be expected to render contributions to our knowledge. Of special interest is that for the first time the grab (Petersen's and van Veen's) has been used in these waters by the "Atlantide", and a careful sorting of the small specimens in the bottom samples on board has brought to light some interesting species.
East Tropical Atlantic
Systematics, Taxonomy
Zoogeography, Biogeography (generalities), Geographic distribution
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