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Chamberlin, Ralph V. (1920). The polychaetes collected by the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913-18. Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18. 9B: 1-41, plates 1-6.
Chamberlin, Ralph V.
The polychaetes collected by the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913-18
Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18
9B: 1-41, plates 1-6
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Polychaetes were collected by the Canadian Arctic Expedition at various points along the North American Coast from southern Alaska northward and eastward to Bathurst inlet, Northwest Territories, by far the greater amount of material coming from the regions about Grantley harbour (port Clarence) and Collinson point, Alaska, and from Dolphin and Union strait and particularly Bernard harbour, Northwest Territories. Twenty-five species were represented in the material secured east of the mouth of the Mackenzie river and twenty-two from the region west of this point. By far the greater part of the material was taken along shore at small depths. A few forms are pelagic and a few were dredged from a depth of a hundred meters in Dolphin and Union strait. The pelagic forms include several spionid larvae and one larval Paranaitis. The specimens were collected by Mr. F. Johansen on the expedition from 1913 to 1916.
This report covers also some other annelid material from northern regions received for identification from the Canadian Geological Survey, this embracing collections made in Hudson bay and Hudson strait by the Neptune and Diana expeditions, a few forms from the eastern side of Hudson bay collected by A. P. Low, and several additional forms from British Columbia and Halifax.
As was to be anticipated, the species represented are for the most part well-known and mostly widespread arctic and subarctic forms, the polychaete fauna of the Arctic being one of the longest studied and best known in the world. All the species taken by the Arctic Expedition east of the Mackenzie river were forms previously well known from Greenland and other arctic localities. West of the Mackenzie, where the rich Bering Sea fauna was approached or entered, the collections yielded seven previously undescribed species. In addition a new Nepthys is described from material taken by the Neptune in Hudson bay and a new Chone from that taken by the Diana in Hudson strait. Thus the report includes descriptions of nine new species from the total of forty-nine. The following lists indicate the forms secured at the several general localities.
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