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Horst, Rutger. (1908). On the supposed identity of Nereis (Neanthes) succinea Leuck. and N. perrieri St. Jos. Notes from the Leyden Museum. 30(2-3): 215-218.
Horst, Rutger
On the supposed identity of <i>Nereis (Neanthes) succinea</i> Leuck. and <i>N. perrieri</i> St. Jos.
Notes from the Leyden Museum
30(2-3): 215-218
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Published 15 December 1908
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Examining a collection of Annelida from the Zuiderzee I met with several individuals of a Nereis-species, that I think can only be N. succinea Leuck. Yet this worm is a somewhat mysterious species, first described by Leuckart in his „Verzeichniss der zur Fauna Helgoland's gehörenden wirbellosen Seethiere” and, though this author stated that it was very common at Cuxhaven, it appears afterwards only to have been collected again near Norderney by Dr. Metzger. At least in Michaelsen's „Polychaetenfauna der deutschen Meere” it is not mentioned in the „Tabelle der untersuchten Polychaeten” and the only locality, quoted by him, is Helgoland. The detailed description of N. succinea, published by Ehlers in his Borstenwürmer was based on Leuckart's original specimens and those of Dr. Metzger. I was therefore very glad that Prof. Ehlers would give me the opportunity to examine one of the specimens of his Museum and I am very much obliged to him for this kindness.
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