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Salazar-Vallejo, Sergio I. ((1991) 1992). Revisión de algunos eucliméninos (Polychaeta: Maldanidae) del Golfo de California, Florida, Panamá y Estrecho de Magallanes. Revista de Biologia Tropical. 39(2): 269-278.
Salazar-Vallejo, Sergio I.
(1991) 1992
Revisi�n de algunos euclim�ninos (Polychaeta: Maldanidae) del Golfo de California, Florida, Panam� y Estrecho de Magallanes
Revista de Biologia Tropical
39(2): 269-278
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Four taxa, three species and one subspecies, previously regarded as closely allied, are revised on the basis of type material or, in the case of subspecies, on several specimens collected at the type locality. Maldanella McIntosh is emended to include Euclymene grossa (Baird) that completely lacks acicular spines or uncini on its first three neuropodia . On the basis of type material and/or on original descriptions, a new generic placement in Isocirrus Arwidsson is also suggested for E. campanula Hartman, E. glandularis (Day), E. lyrocephala (Schmarda), E. grossa newporti Berkeley & Berkeley (this one is also recognized as a valid species), E. papillata (Berkeley & Berkeley), E. reticulata Moore and E. tropica (Monro).The subspecies E. papillata isocirra is synonymized with the stock species. Euclymene corallicola (Treadwell) is retained in the same genus.
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Isocirrus Arwidsson, 1906 (additional source)