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Bruce, A.J., 1976e. A report on some pontoniid shrimps collected from the Seychelles Islands by the F.R.V. Manihine, 1972, with a review of the Seychelles pontoniid shrimp fauna.— Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 59: 89-153.
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A collection of Pontoniinid shrimps, principally from the islands of Mahé and Praslin, in the Western Indian Ocean, is described. Twenty-four species were collected, including two new species, Periclimenes diffcilis and Periclimenes manihinei. Twenty-two species are considered to be commensals and the hosts of many are identified. The early juvenile stages of several species were collected and are described for the first time. The incidence of regeneration in the second periopods is studied in detail in Coralliocaris graminea. The Pontoniinid shrimp fauna of the Seychelles Islands is reviewed and its geographical distribution summarised. Two of the species reported are new records for the Indian Ocean and eight are newly added to the Seychelles fauna.
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