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Okemwa, E.N. (1988). Analysis of six 24- hour series of zooplankton samplings across a tropical creek, the Port Reitz, Mombasa, Kenya.
10.1080/03946975.1989.10539433 [view]
Okemwa, E. N.
Analysis of six 24-hour series of zooplankton samplings across a tropical creek, the Port Reitz, Mombasa, Kenya
Tropical Zoology
2(2), 123-138
Season fluctuation in zooplankton abundance are described from six 24 hour series taken from the Likoni Ferry, using Clarke Bumpus net of 180 um mesh size. Two samples every 2 hours were taken at 2 months intervals from April 1985, to February 1986 inclusive. Salinities were consistently above 30%o and surface water temperature varied between 24.0 and 28.9°C. Fifty-one taxa of zooplanktonic organisms were recorded in the samples. The mean total zooplankton abundance was 236m-3. The density of zooplankton was highest during the 24 hour series of the North-East monsoon season. Actual mean abundance of plankton was relatively low during the 24 hour seires taken in South-East monsoon in April, June, August and October. Holoplanktonic forms dominated the fauna, averaging 71% of the total plankton, copepods numbered 69% of the total fauna. The most numerous taxa amongst holoplanktonic forms were (in order of abundance): copepods, chaetognaths and appendicularia. The most numerous amongst meroplanktonic forms were: molluscan larvae, fish eggs and brachyuran zoeae. The total zooplankton density for the night-time samples was higher than the day-time ones. KEYWORDS: zooplankton, tropical creek, Port Reitz, occurrence, season, day, night, Kenya.
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Diphyes Cuvier, 1817 (additional source)
Euconchoecia Müller, 1890 (additional source)
Oithona simplex Farran, 1913 represented as Oithona simplex simplex Farran, 1913 (additional source)
Travisiopsis lanceolata Southern, 1910 (additional source)