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1057250  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:1057250)



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  1. Superorder Acochlidiimorpha
  2. Order Aplysiida
  3. Order Cephalaspidea
  4. Superorder Eupulmonata
  5. Superorder Hygrophila
  6. Superorder Pneumopulmonata
  7. Order Pteropoda
  8. Superorder Pylopulmonata
  9. Order Runcinida
  10. Superorder Sacoglossa
  11. Superorder Siphonarimorpha
  12. Order Tectibranchiata
  13. Order Umbraculida
  14. Order Anaspidea accepted as Aplysiida
  15. Order Aplysiomorpha accepted as Aplysiida (alternative name)
  16. Order Archaeopulmonata accepted as Siphonarioidea Gray, 1827
  17. Superorder Ascoglossa accepted as Sacoglossa (synonym)
  18. Superorder Basommatophora accepted as Hygrophila
  19. Order Bullomorpha accepted as Cephalaspidea
  20. Order Heterostropha accepted as Pyramidellidae J. E. Gray, 1840
  21. Order Runcinacea accepted as Runcinida (change in suffix)
  22. Order Thecosomata (abandoned concept, including Euthecosomata and Pseudothecosomata)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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