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How to apply


Applications are closed.

The form to submit your abstract is divided in separate fields:

  • Title: give your abstract an appealing title that arouses curiosity and encourages to read the full abstract.
  • Abstract: write an abstract on your work, containing no more than 650 words including references. Only plain, bold and italic text is allowed, as well as subscript and superscript. All other layout will not be exported. Images are not allowed. Please note that this abstract must be camera-ready, i.e. VLIZ does not foresee any editing, the author is fully responsible for the contents and language.
  • Keywords: well thought out keywords make sure your abstract is easily detected by interested readers.
  • Authors: for each author, the full name and affiliation must be submitted. The order in which you submit, is the order in which they will be published in the book of abstracts.

A jury will carefully read all the applications and will make a selection of 20 pre-doc abstracts to be presented plenary on the VLIZ Marine Science Day 2022. Note that only pre-doc abstracts are are eligible for an oral presentation.

To increase the probability that your abstract is selected for an oral presentation, write it in a language that is easy to understand for an multidisciplinary scientific public and sounds fascinating for the evaluators. If your research is in progress or ended, this increases your score. Abstracts on planned future research are generally less likeable to be selected.

The abstract that you submit should be camera-ready. Kindly note that the abstract will be published in the Book of Abstracts as submitted, without additional final editing by VLIZ.

All applicants will be informed about their selection in February. Abstracts that are not selected for an oral presentation, will automatically be accepted to participate in the poster exhibition.

On the VLIZ Marine Science Day 2024, the public will judge the oral presentations, a jury and the public can vote for the poster presentations. The winners will be awarded a prize after the event.



Applications are closed.

Marine scientific training providers can apply for a place at the VMSD 2024. As for the oral and poster presentations, application is done by submitting your abstract. The deadline to do so is set on 12 January 2024 (23:59:59 UTC+1).

Please have two items in the abstract text field of the form:

  1. Information on the training you offer
  2. How you will present this in an interactive and creative manner


Please note that 12 January is the final deadline.
There will be no extension of this deadline. Late applications will not be considered.

Should you encounter any problems, please contact us by telephone on
+32 (0)59 33 60 00 or by mail to