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Programme #VMSD22

Wednesday 2 March 2022

09:00-09:10     Welcome address
                          Jan Mees, VLIZ

09:10-09:30     Keynote presentation
                          Patrick Sorgeloos, Ghent University

09:30-10:00     Predoc presentations

  • Effects of offshore wind farms on the distribution, diet and condition of plaice Pleuronectes platessa in the Belgian part of the North Sea
    Jolien Buyse, ILVO
  • Polder2c's living lab: Toolbox for a better future of levee management
    Jadon Beerlandt, KU Leuven
  • Marine plastic biodegradation: what is Alcanivorax's role?
    Astrid Rombouts, Ghent University
  • Pronounced seasonal and spatial variability in determinants of phytoplankton biomass dynamics along a near-offshore gradient in the southern North Sea
    Steven Pint, VLIZ
  • An experimental assessment of the effect of sand extraction on benthic nutrient cycling and carbon storage
    Nanou Goedefroo, ILVO

10:00-10:05     Intermezzo

10:05-10:40     Break-out to poster pages and Meet The Company

10:40-11:10     Predoc presentations

  • The life of sea sparkle: dynamics, drivers and interactions of Noctiluca scintillans in the Belgian part of the North Sea
    Anouk Ollevier, VLIZ
  • Rapid and low-cost authentication of common sole (Solea solea): everyone, everywhere, every time!
    Dumas Deconinck, ILVO
  • How costly is active CO2 drawdown in marine systems? A socio-economic analysis of coastal enhanced silicate weathering
    Luna Geerts, Antwerp University
  • Spatio-temporal dynamics in the gene expression of the copepod Temora longicornis in response to environmental stressors
    Ilias Semmouri, Ghent University
  • Detection and identification of microplastics in biota using Nile red and machine learning: validation of an innovative, cost-effective approach
    Nelle Meyers, VLIZ

11:10-11:15     Intermezzo

11:15-11:55     Presentations by the laureates

  • North Sea Award 2021: Effects of natural processes and human activity on North Sea sediment biogeochemistry
    Emil De Borger, Ghent University
  • Master Thesis Award 2021: Importance of the keels of boxfish for passive stability during swimming
    Merel Van Gorp, Antwerp University
  • Master Thesis Award 2021: Intercepting invaders: metabarcoding for monitoring non-indigenous species in a North Sea harbour
    Anton Bilsen, KU Leuven
  • Brilliant Marine Research Ideas 2021
    - Soria Delva, Ghent University
    - Alexander Hooyberg, VLIZ & Ghent University
    - Valérie Mattelin, Ghent University
    - Glenn Strypsteen, KU Leuven

  • Dr Edouard Delcroix Incentive Award 2021

11:55-12:05     Award ceremony

  • North Sea Award 2021
  • Master Thesis Awards 2021
  • Brilliant Marine Research Ideas 2022
  • Dr Edouard Delcroix Incentive Award 2021

12:05-12:20     Knowledge Guide for Coast & Sea: official launch

12:20-12:30     Closing talk
                        Jan Mees, VLIZ 


The book of abstracts of the event will be available on the VLIZ website on 1 March 2022.