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station 3 Kess-Kess mounds, Hamar Laghdad, Morocco

station 3 Kess-Kess mounds, Hamar Laghdad, Morocco
Description: In this station we made similar observations compared to our findings in Hollard mound with respect to the material and fossils. The lithology observed was dark dolomite with organic material. We also observed nodular limestone associated with tube worms. Unfortunately we were not able to observe them. In this station we also observed veins with dark corals cemented by micro sparite fabric. Sometimes we also observe lamination associated with bacterial activity. The fossils that we found in this mounds were trilobites, orthoceras, crinoids, corals, brachiopods, bivalves, stromatolites, A striking feature is that no one was able to find an intact trilobite associated with brachiopods.
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