Class@oceans has the aim to bring marine sciences straight forward into the classrooms or to bring the marine world to the youth. It gives students the opportunity to discover the oceans together with scientists.

In a first step the class is presenting themselves shortly on the website.

The second step is that the students are introduced in the concept of a scientific campaign with a research vessel (R/V Belgica) and the scientific background.


Belgica Research Vessel

The third step is that the classes are introduced to some scientists and people on board.

The fourth step is that the pupils prepare a question towards one of these scientists on board.

A daily report from the cruise will be available. The classes also have the possibility to ask questions by email. Images and videos will be added to the media gallery during and after the cruise.

pictures on board

Class@oceans fits into the educational strategies of the European project HERMES (Hotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margins of European Seas).

participating partners