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Table of Contents - Vol. 15

Herman, P.M.J.; Vranken, G.; Heip, C. (1984). Problems in meiofauna energy- flow studies. Hydrobiologia 118: 21-28 (abstract)

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Verschraegen, K.; Herman, P.M.J.; Van Gansbeke, D.; Braeckman, A. (1985). Measurement of the adenylate energy charge in Nereis diversicolor and Nephtys sp. (Polychaeta: Annelida) : evaluation of the usefulness of AEC in pollution monitoring. Mar. Biol. 86: 233-240 (abstract)

Pissierssens, P.; Bergmans, M.; Polk, Ph. (1985). On the need for independently estimating organic tripton carbon content. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 25: 107-109 (abstract)

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