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Table of Contents - Vol. 23

Hamerlynck, O.; Mees, J.; Craeymeersch, J.A.; Soetaert, K.; Hostens, K.; Cattrijsse, A.; Van Damme, P.A. (1993). The Westerschelde estuary : two food webs and a nutrient rich desert. Progress in Belgian Oceanographic Research 1993: 217-234 (abstract)

Holmefjord, I.; Gulbrandsen, J.; Lein, I.; Refstie, T.; Léger, P.; Harboe, T.; Huse, I.; Sorgeloos, P.; Bolla, S.; Olsen, Y.; Reitan, K.I.; Vadstein, O.; Řie, G.; Danielsberg, A. (1993). An intensive approach to Atlantic halibut fry production. J. World Aquacult. Soc. 24(2): 275-284 (abstract)

Jacobs, P.; Sevens, E. (1993). Eocene siliciclastic continental shelf sedimentation in the Southern Bight North Sea, Belgium. Progress in Belgian Oceanographic Research 1993: 95-118 (abstract)

Mees, J.; Fockedey, N. (1993). First record of Synidotea laevidorsalis (Miers, 1881) (Crustacea: Isopoda) in Europe (Gironde estuary, France). Hydrobiologia 264: 61-63 (abstract)

Mees, J.; Hamerlynck, O. (1992). Spatial community structure of the winter hyperbenthos of the Schelde estuary, the Netherlands, and the adjacent coastal waters. Neth. J. of Sea Res. 29(4): 357-370 (abstract)

Merchie, G.; Lavens, P.; Nelis, H.; De Leenheer, A.P.; Sorgeloos, P. (1993). Effect of vitamin C incorporation in live food on the larviculture success of aquaculture species. Med. Fac. Landbouww. Univ. Gent 58/4b: 1999-2008 (abstract)

Van Stappen, G.; Sorgeloos, P. (1993). The cosmopolitan brine shrimp. INFOFISH Int. 4: 45-50

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Verschelde, D.; Vincx, M. (1993). Polkepsilonema mombasae gen. et sp.n. and Pternepsilonema servaesae gen. et sp.n. (Nematoda, Epsilonematidae) from East African coasts. Hydrobiologia 257: 129-142 (abstract)

Lanckneus, J.; De Moor, G.; De Schaepmeester, G.; Meyus, I.; Spiers, V. (1992). Residual sediment transport directions on a tidal sand bank : comparison of the "McLaren Model" with bedform analysis. Tijdschrift van de Belg. Ver. Aardr. Studies 2: 425-446

Injuk, J.; Van Malderen, H.; Van Grieken, R.; Swietlicki, E.; Knox, J.M.; Schofield, R. (1993). EDXRS study of aerosol composition variations in air masses crossing the North Sea. X-ray Spectometry 22: 220-228 (abstract)

Lanckneus, J.; De Moor, G.; Van Lancker, V.; De Schaepmeester, G. (1993). The use of the McLaren Model for the determination of residual transport directions on the Gootebank, Southern North Sea. Progress in Belgian Oceanographic Research 1993: 75-94 (abstract)

Lanckneus, J.; De Moor, G.; Vande Velde, L.; De Winne, E.; Sanchez Almazo, I.; Garrido Martín, T. (1993). Morphodynamics and sediment dynamics in the Southern Bight, Belgium. Progress in Belgian Oceanographic Research 1993: 55-73 (abstract)

Rojas, C.M.; Injuk, J.; Van Grieken, R.; Laane, R.W. (1993). Dry and wet deposition fluxes of Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn into the Southern Bight of the North Sea. Atmos. Environ. 27A (2): 251-259 (abstract)

Rojas, C.M.; Van Grieken, R.; Laane, R.W. (1993). Comparison of three dry deposition models applied to field measurements in the Southern Bight of the North Sea. Atmos. Environ. 27A(3): 363-370 (abstract)

Sorgeloos, P.; Lavens, P.; Leger, P.; Tackaert, W. (1993). The use of Artemia in marine fish larviculture. TML Conf. Proc. 3: 73-86 (abstract)

Spero, H.J.; Andreasen, D.J.; Sorgeloos, P. (1993). Carbon and nitrogen isotopic composition of different strains of Artemia sp.. Int. J. Salt Lake Res. 2(2): 133-139 (abstract)

Struyf, H.; Van Grieken, R. (1993). An overview of wet deposition of micropollutants to the North Sea. Atmos. Environ. 27A(16): 2669-2687 (abstract)

Tackaert, W.; Sorgeloos, P. (1993). The use of brine shrimp Artemia in biological management of solar saltworks. Seventh Symposium on Salt 1: 617-622 (abstract)

Tackx, M.L.M.; Daro, M. H. (1993). Influence of size dependant 14C uptake rates by phytoplankton cells in zooplankton grazing measurements. Cah. Biol. Mar. 34: 253-260 (abstract)

Thomas, K.M.; Ollevier, F. (1993). Hatching, survival, activity and penetration efficiency of second-stage larvae of Anguillicola crassus (Nematoda). Parasitology 107: 211-217 (abstract)

Van Alsenoy, V.; Bernard, P.; Van Grieken, R. (1993). Elemental concentrations and heavy metal pollution in sediments and suspended matter from the Belgian North Sea and the Scheldt estuary. Sci. Total Environ. 133: 153-181 (abstract)

Van Damme, P.A.; Hamerlynck, O. (1992). The infection dynamics and dispersion pattern of Lernaeocera branchialis L. on 0+ whiting (Merlangius merlangus L.) in the Oosterschelde (SW Netherlands). J. Fish Biol. 41: 265-275 (abstract)

Van Damme, P.A.; Maertens, D.; Arrumm, A.; Hamerlynck, O.; Ollevier, F. (1993). The role of Callionymus lyra and C. reticulatus in the life cycle of Lernaeocera lusci in Belgian coastal waters (Southern Bight of the North Sea). J. Fish Biol. 42: 395-401 (abstract)

Van Malderen, H.; De Bock, L.A.; Injuk, J.; Xhoffer, C.; Van Grieken, R. (1993). North Sea aerosol characterization by single particle analysis techniques. Progress in Belgian Oceanographic Research 1993: 119-135

Belmans, F.; Van Grieken, R.; Brügmann, L. (1993). Geochemical characterization of recent sediments in the Baltic Sea by bulk and electron microprobe analysis. Mar. Chem. 42: 223-236 (abstract)

Campbell, R.; Adams, A.; Tatner, M.F.; Chair, M.; Sorgeloos, P. (1993). Uptake of Vibrio anguillarum vaccine by Artemia salina as a potential oral delivery system to fish fry. Fish Bulletin 3: 451-459 (abstract)

Cattrijsse, A.; Mees, J.; Hamerlynck, O. (1993). The hyperbenthic Amphipoda and Isopoda of the Voordelta and the Westerschelde estuary. Cah. Biol. Mar. 34: 187-200 (abstract)

Coutteau, P.; Sorgeloos, P. (1993). Substitute diets for live algae in the intensive rearing of bivalve mollusks : a state of the art report. World Aquacult. 24(2): 45-52 (abstract)

Mees, J.; Cattrijsse, A.; Hamerlynck, O. (1993). Distribution and abundance of shallow-water hyperbenthic mysids (Crustacea, Mysidacea), and euphausiids (Crustacea, Euphausiacea), in the Voordelta and the Westerschelde, southwest Netherlands. Cah. Biol. Mar. 34: 165-186 (abstract)

Dauby, P.; Baeyens, W.; Biondo, R.; Bouquegneau, J.M.; Chou, L.; Collette, O.; Dehairs, F.; Elskens, M.; Frankignoulle, M.; Loijens, M.; Paucot, H.; Wollast, R. (1993). Distribution of particulate trace elements in the Northeastern Atlantic. Progress in Belgian Oceanographic Research 1993: 171-201 (abstract)

Mees, J.; Dewicke, A.; Hamerlynck, O. (1993). Seasonal composition and spatial distribution of hyperbenthic communities along estuarine gradients in the Westerschelde. Neth. J. Aquat. Ecol. 27(2-4): 359-376 (abstract)

Dhert, Ph.; Bombeo, R.B.; Sorgeloos, P. (1993). Use of ongrown Artemia in nursery culturing of the tiger shrimp. Aquaculture International 1: 170-177 (abstract)

Dhert, Ph.; Sorgeloos, P.; Devresse, B. (1993). Contributions towards a specific DHA enrichment in the live food Brachionus plicatilis and Artemia sp.. Fish farming technology 1993: 109-115 (abstract)

Elskens, M.; Chou, L.; Dauby, P.; Frankignoulle, M.; Goeyens, L.; Loijens, M.; Wollast, R. (1993). Primary production and nutrient fluxes in the Gulf of Biscay. Progress in Belgian Oceanographic Research 1993: 137-158 (abstract)

Hamerlynck, O.; Cattrijsse, A.; Arellano, R.V. (1993). Daily ration of juvenile Potamoschistus lozanoi de Buen (Pisces: Gobiidae). ICES J. Mar. Sci. 50: 471-480 (abstract)

Hamerlynck, O.; Hostens, K. (1993). Growth, feeding, production, and consumption in 0- group bib (Trisopterus luscus L.) and whiting (Merlangius merlangus L.) in a shallow coastal area of the south-west Netherlands. ICES J. Mar. Sci. 50: 81-91 (abstract)

Hamerlynck, O.; Hostens, K.; Mees, J.; Arellano, R.V.; Van Damme, P.A. (1993). The mobile epibenthic fauna of soft bottoms in the Dutch Delta (South-West Netherlands) : spatial structure. Neth. J. Aquat. Ecol. 27(2-4): 343-358 (abstract)

Hamerlynck, O.; Hostens, K.; Mees, J.; Arellano, R.V.; Cattrijsse, A.; Van de Vyver, P.; Craeymeersch, J.A. (1992). The ebb tidal delta of the Grevelingen : a man-made nursery for flatfish?. Neth. J. of Sea Res. 30: 191-200 (abstract)

Hamerlynck, O.; Mees, J. (1991). Temporal and spatial structure in the hyperbenthic community of a shallow coastal area and its relation to environmental variables. Oceanol. Acta Spec. No. 11: 205-211 (abstract)

Martens, P.M.; Curini-Galetti, M. (1993). Taxonomy and phylogeny of the Archimonocelididae Meixner, 1938 (Platyhelminthes, Proseriata). Bijdr. Dierkd. 63(2): 65-102 (abstract)

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