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Billiones, R.G.; Tackx, M.L.; Daro, M. H. (1999). The geometric features, shape factors and fractal dimensions of suspended particulate matter in the Scheldt Estuary (Belgium). Est., coast. and shelf sci. 48: 293-305

Water samples from the Scheldt estuary were collected in three fractions: (a) unfiltered water, (b) water filtered through a 50 µm net and (c) water filtered through a 300 µm net. Particles easily recognisable from the majority of the amorphous particles were isolated and their geometric dimensions measured. From the measurements, shapefactors were calculated. Measurement of fractal dimensions was attempted. From the first fraction, the particles isolated and measured were circular and chained diatoms. In the second fraction, zooplankters were easily distinguishable and representatives of the three dominant groups (cladocerans, cyclopoids and calanoids) were measured. In the third fraction, detrital pieces from monocotyledon and dicotyledon plants were recognised, isolated and measured. Fractal dimensions were only measurable in particles from fraction 3. The geometric features, shape factors and fractal dimensions of the particles were tested and proven to be effective ‘fingerprints’ to distinguish these particles from the majority of the unidentifiable amorphous particles in the samples.

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