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Abatzopoulos, T.J.; Brendonck, L.; Sorgeloos, P. (1999). First record of Branchinella spinosa (Milne-Edwards) (Crustacea: Branchiopoda: Anostraca) from Greece. Int. J. Salt Lake Res. 8: 351-360 (abstract)

Beyst, B.; Cattrijsse, A.; Mees, J. (1999). Feeding ecology of juvenile flatfishes of the surf zone of a sandy beach. J. Fish Biol. 55: 1171-1186 (abstract)

Beyst, B.; Mees, J.; Cattrijsse, A. (1999). Early postlarval fish in the hyperbenthos of the Dutch Delta (south-west Netherlands). J. Mar. Biol. Ass. U.K. 79: 709-724 (abstract)

Billiones, R.G.; Tackx, M.L.; Daro, M. H. (1999). The geometric features, shape factors and fractal dimensions of suspended particulate matter in the Scheldt Estuary (Belgium). Est., coast. and shelf sci. 48: 293-305 (abstract)

Billones, R.; Tackx, M.L.M.; Flachier, A.T.; Zhu, L.; Daro, M. H. (1999). Image analysis as a tool for measuring particulate matter concentrations and gut content, body size, and clearance rates of estuarine copepods : validation and application. J. Mar. Syst. 22: 179-194 (abstract)

Bossier, P. (1999). Authentication of seafood products by DNA patterns. J. Food Sci. 64(2): 189-193 (abstract)

Caers, M.; Coutteau, P.; Curé, K.; Morales, V.; Gajardo, G.; Sorgeloos, P. (1999). The Chilean scallop Argopecten purpuratus (Lamarck, 1819) : 1. Fatty acid composition and lipid content of six organs. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. (B Biochem. Mol. Biol.) 123: 89-96 (abstract)

Caers, M.; Coutteau, P.; Curé, K.; Morales, V.; Gajardo, G.; Sorgeloos, P. (1999). The Chilean scallop Argopecten purpuratus (Lamarck, 1819) : 2. Manipulation of the fatty acid composition and lipid content of the eggs via lipid supplementation of the broodstock diet. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. (B Biochem. Mol. Biol.) 123: 97-103 (abstract)

Caers, M.; Coutteau, P.; Sorgeloos, P. (1999). Dietary impact of algal and artificial diets, fed at different feeding rations, on the growth and fatty acid composition of Tapes philippinarum (L.) spat. Aquaculture 170: 307-322 (abstract)

Lavens, P.; Sorgeloos, P. (1999). Performance of Macrobrachium rosenbergii broodstock fed diets with different fatty acid composition. Aquaculture 179: 387-402 (abstract)

Dekov, V.; Subramanian, V.; Van Grieken, R. (1999). Chemical composition of riverine suspended matter and sediments from the Indian sub-continent. Mitt. Geol.-Paläont. Inst. Univ. Hamburg 82: 99-109 (abstract)

Dekov, V.; Van Put, A.; Eisma, D.; Van Grieken, R. (1999). Single particle analysis of suspended matter in the Makasar Strait and Flores Sea with particular reference to tin-bearing particles. J. Sea Res. 41: 35-53 (abstract)

Dhert, P.; González Félix, M.; Van Ryckeghem, K.; Geurden, I.; Thysen, F.; Lebegue, E.; Lavens, P.; Sorgeloos, P. (1999). Cofeeding of phospholipids to turbot Scophthalmus maximus L. larvae as a tool to reduce live food consumption. Aquacult. Nutr. 5: 237-245 (abstract)

Fockedey, N.; Mees, J. (1999). Feeding of the hyperbenthic mysid Neomysis integer in the maximum turbidity zone of the Elbe, Westerschelde and Gironde estuaries. J. Mar. Syst. 22: 207-228 (abstract)

Gajardo, G.; Mercado, C.; Beardmore, J.A.; Sorgeloos, P. (1999). International study on Artemia : 60. Allozyme data suggest that a new Artemia population in southern Chile (50° 29' S; 73° 45' W) is A. persimilis. Hydrobiologia 405: 117-123 (abstract)

Geurden, I.; Bergot, P.; Van Ryckeghem, K.; Sorgeloos, P. (1999). Phospholipid composition of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) larvae starved or fed different phospholipid classes. Aquaculture 171: 93-107 (abstract)

Hostens, K.; Mees, J. (1999). The mysid-feeding guild of demersal fishes in the brackish zone of the Westerschelde estuary. J. Fish Biol. 55: 704-719 (abstract)

Jambers, W.; Dekov, V.; Van Grieken, R. (1999). Single particle characterisation of inorganic and organic North Sea suspension. Mar. Chem. 67: 17-32 (abstract)

Huo, J.-Z.; Nelis, H.; Lavens, P.; Sorgeloos, P.; De Leenheer, A.P. (1999). Simultaneous determination of alpha-tocopheryl acetate and tocopherols in aquatic organisms and fish feed. J. Chromatogr. B, 724: 249-255 (abstract)

Lavens, P.; Lebegue, E.; Jaunet, H.; Brunel, A.; Dhert, P.; Sorgeloos, P. (1999). Effect of dietary essential fatty acids and vitamins on egg quality in turbot broodstocks. Aquaculture International 7: 225-240 (abstract)

Mees, J.; Mwamsojo, G.U.; Wakwabi, E.O. (1999). Aspects of the biology and feeding ecology of the orbiculate cardinal fish Sphaeramia orbicularis (Cuvier, 1828) (Teleostei: Apogonidae) in a Kenyan mangrove forest. Biol. Jb. Dodonaea 66: 134-145 (abstract)

Muylaert, K.; Sabbe, K. (1999). Spring phytoplankton assemblages in and around the maximum turbidity zone of the estuaries of the Elbe (Germany), the Schelde (Belgium/The Netherlands) and the Gironde (France). J. Mar. Syst. 22: 133-149 (abstract)

Naihong, X.; Juju, S.; Guizheng, Z.; Sorgeloos, P. (1999). The effect of Artemia sources on growth, survival and salinity stress of crab (Eriocheir sinensis larvae. Asian Fish. Sci. 12: 201-205 (abstract)

Peck, L.S.; Brockington, S.; Vanhove, S.; Beghyn, M. (1999). Community recovery following catastrophic iceberg impacts in a soft-sediment shallow-water site at Signy Island, Antarctica. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 186: 1-8 (abstract)

Ro, C.-U.; Osán, J.; Van Grieken, R. (1999). Determination of low-Z elements in individual environmental particles using windowless EPMA. Anal. Chem. 71: 1521-1528 (abstract)

Rombaut, G.; Dhert, P.; Vandenberghe, J.; Verschuere, L.; Sorgeloos, P.; Verstraete, W. (1999). Selection of bacteria enhancing the growth rate of axenically hatched rotifers (Brachionus plicatilis). Aquaculture 176(3-4): 195-207 (abstract)

Shevchenko, V.P.; Lisitsin, A.P.; Kuptsov, V.M.; Van Malderen, H.; Martin, J.-M.; Van Grieken, R.; Huang, W.W. (1999). Composition of aerosols in the surface boundary layer of the atmosphere over the seas of the Western Russian Arctic. Okeanologiya 39(1): 128-136 (abstract)

Shevchenko, V.P.; Van Grieken, R.; Van Malderen, H.; Lisitzin, A.P.; Kuptsov, V.M.; Serova, V.V. (1999). Composition of individual aerosol particles in the marine boundary over seas of the western Russian Arctic. Dokl. Earth Sci. Sect. 366(4): 546-551

Somers, E. (1999). Effects of ISM on the limitation of liability : the end or a new beginning?. JLE 34(1): 37-43

Sorgeloos, P. (1999). Challenges and opportunities for aquaculture research and development in the next century. World Aquacult. 30(3): 11-15

Steyaert, M.; Garner, N.; Van Gansbeke, D.; Vincx, M. (1999). Nematode communities from the North Sea : environmental controls on species diversity and vertical distribution within the sediment. J. Mar. Biol. Ass. U.K. 79: 253-264 (abstract)

Støttrup, J.G.; Shields, R.; Gillespie, M.; Gara, M.B.; Sargent, J.R.; Bell, J.G.; Henderson, R.J.; Tocher, D.R.; Sutherland, R.; Nœss, T.; Mangor Jensen, A.; Naas, K.; van der Meeren, T.; Harboe, T.; Sanchez, F.J.; Sorgeloos, P.; Dhert, P.; Fitzgerald, R. (1999). The production and use of copepods in larval rearing of halibut, turbot and cod. Bull. Aquacult. Assoc. Can. 98(4): 41-45 (abstract)

Vandenberghe, J.; Verdonck, L.; Robles-Arozarena, R.; Rivera, G.; Bolland, A.; Balladares, M.; Gomez-Gil, B.; Calderon, J.; Sorgeloos, P.; Swings, J. (1999). Vibrios associated with Litopenaeus vannamei larvae, postlarvae, broodstock, and hatchery probionts. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 65(6): 2592-2597 (abstract)

Vanhove, S.; Arntz, W.; Vincx, M. (1999). Comparative study of the nematode communities on the southeastern Weddell Sea shelf and slope (Antarctica). Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 181: 237-256 (abstract)

Verschuere, L.; Rombaut, G.; Huys, G.; Dhont, J.; Sorgeloos, P.; Verstraete, W. (1999). Microbial control of the culture of Artemia juveniles through preemptive colonization by selected bacterial strains. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 65(6): 2527-2533 (abstract)

Wakwabi, E.O.; Mees, J. (1999). The epibenthos of the backwaters of a tropical mangrove creek (Tudor Creek, Mombasa, Kenya). Neth. J. Zool. 49(3): 189-206 (abstract)

Lock, K.; Beyst, B.; Mees, J. (1999). Circadiel patterns in the tidal plankton of a sandy beach in Zeebrugge (Belgium). Belg. J. Zool. 129(2): 339-352 (abstract)

Lock, K.; Mees, J. (1999). The winter hyperbenthos of the Ria Formosa -a lagoon in southern Portugal- and adjacent waters. Cah. Biol. Mar. 40: 47-56 (abstract)

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