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Shevchenko, V.P.; Lisitsin, A.P.; Kuptsov, V.M.; Van Malderen, H.; Martin, J.-M.; Van Grieken, R.; Huang, W.W. (1999). Composition of aerosols in the surface boundary layer of the atmosphere over the seas of the Western Russian Arctic. Okeanologiya 39(1): 128-136

In August-September 1991, during the SPASIBA expedition (Scientific Program on the Arctic and Siberian Aquatorium) aboard R/V Yakov Smirnitzkii in the Laptev Sea, ten samples of aerosols were collected by nylon meshes. A combined approach including various analytical techniques, such as a single-particle analysis, instrumental neutron activation analysis, and atomic absorption spectrophotometry, was used to study the composition of the samples obtained. The mass concentration of coarse-grained (>1µm) insoluble fraction of aerosols ranged from 0.08 to 0.46 µg m-3. In all the samples, remains of land vegetation were found to be the dominant component. The organic carbon content of the aerosols ranged from 23 to 49%. The inorganic part of the samples is represented mainly by aluminosilicates and quartz. Anthropogenic ‘fly ash’ particles were observed in all the samples. The temporal variations of the element concentrations result from the differences in air mass entering the area studied.

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