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Dekov, V.; Subramanian, V.; Van Grieken, R. (1999). Chemical composition of riverine suspended matter and sediments from the Indian sub-continent. Mitt. Geol.-Paläont. Inst. Univ. Hamburg 82: 99-109

The chemical composition of suspended matter and sediments from all of the major Indian river basins was determined based on the analyses of suspended (105 samples) and bed sediment (308 samples) samples, collected along the main rivers and their tributaries during field trips conducted in the last 15 years. Based on this, the elemental fluxes into the ocean and their mass accumulation rates in river sediments were estimated. The data are discussed in relation to weathering processes and geology of the drainage basins and compared with the average chemical composition of world's river suspended matter and the world's surface rock exposed for continental weathering.

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