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Gajardo, G.; Mercado, C.; Beardmore, J.A.; Sorgeloos, P. (1999). International study on Artemia : 60. Allozyme data suggest that a new Artemia population in southern Chile (50 29' S; 73 45' W) is A. persimilis. Hydrobiologia 405: 117-123

An Artemia population from a site recently described in Chile and located in a semi-arid and humid hydrographical zone (Torres del Paine National Park), was electrophoretically characterized and cross-bred (followed through F3) to reference samples of A. franciscana (San Francisco Bay, California, USA) and A. persimilis (Buenos Aires, Argentina), which are the species most likely to be found in Chile. The population exhibited high levels of genetic variability as judged by the percentage of polymorphic loci (P=53.3), mean number of alleles per locus (n=2.2) and mean heterozygosity (H=0.176). Based on the analysis of 15 loci it seems to be closer to A. persimilis (D Nei=0.211) than to A. franciscana (D=0.591). Laboratory cross-fertility tests do not suggest barriers to gene flow or infertility in accordance with electrophoretic results (genetic distance values or population-specific alleles), though offspring quality tended to be biased toward the production of cysts rather than nauplii, most obviously in F3, which may be an indication of post-zygotic reproductive isolation.

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