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The following datasets were integrated into the NSBP database, with a link to their metadata:

Within the metadata, a link is provided to where the data are online accessible.

Sampling occurred mainly in spring and early summer of 2000 and covered almost the whole North Sea from the English Channel to about 60´┐ŻN. The Norwegian data set contains information mainly from studies associated with oil and gas platforms.

Most of the sampling in 2000 was conducted with a 0.1 m2 van Veen grab and samples were sieved over a 1 mm mesh. Two to three replicates per station were taken. Dutch samples were obtained with a box corer, British ones with a 0.1m2 Day or Hamon grab depending on the sediment type.

Biomass was estimated by most of the laboratories, ranging from wet weight to ash free dry weight. Conversion factors can be used to standardize biomass for all data sets. AFDW and wet weight data are available from NIOZ and Wimereux to calculate conversion factors; conversions by Rumohr et al. (1987) are also commonly used.

Samples for sediment composition and contaminants were taken by most participants, either from extra grabs or from the same grab as used for faunal analysis. Samples for analysis of meiofauna were taken only by CEFAS and FRS.

Access to data

Arising from discussion at a final intersessional meetng of the ICES SG NSBP 2000 held in Oostende in November 2006 and subsequent consultation with all data providers, the following was agreed:

The ICES NSBP 2000 database will continue to be supported by the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) on behalf of ICES. Note that the datasets contributing to the ICES NSBP 2000 database remain the property of the guardians or sponsors of the individual projects that led to their production. The release of these individual datasets for any other purposes clearly remains entirely at their discretion.

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