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Young Marine Scientists' Day 2015

The abstracts of all participants and award winners can be found in the Book of Abstracts. It gives you a nice overview of the current marine research in Flanders and surroundings.

Twenty-five contestants were invited to prepare a short pitch presentation (max. 5 minutes) for the plenary session. The others could present their work during the poster session. The audience could vote the best oral and the best scientific poster.


Top-3 pitch presentations:

1: Kim Sys - VALDUVIS, a new way of assessing and communicating the sustainability of fishing activities [pitch presentation:PDF Icon]

2: Lisbeth Van Cauwenberghe - Unraveling the sources of marine microplastics: your daily contribution? [pitch presentation:PDF Icon]

3: Caroline De Tender - Metagenomics@sea: a floating house in a marine environment [pitch presentation:PDF Icon]


Top-3 scientific posters:

1: Buitrago Carol, Rosa Maria van der Ven and Marc Kochzius - Genetic diversity and connectivity of Seriatopora hystrix along the East Coast of Africa [PDF Icon]

2: Stock Willem, Frederik De Boever, Anne Willems, Sven Mangelinckx, Marleen De Troch, Wim Vyverman and Koen Sabbe - Favouritism and secret crosstalk in diatom-bacteria relations [PDF Icon]

3: Bekaert Karen, Lisa Devriese, Sofie Vandendriessche, Els Vanderperren - Use of and potential biodegradable alternatives for dolly rope, a.k.a “spekking”, in Belgian fisheries [PDF Icon]

All other posters that were delivered to us, are made available via the Open Marien Archive (OMA). 


Keynote speakers:

Jan Stel (Prof. Dr. Em. ’Ocean Space & Human Activity’) - Ocean Space Exploration: key to our future

Pissierssens Peter (Head, IOC Project Office for IODE & IODE Programme Manager - Coordinator, IOC Capacity Development) - Looking beyond your microscope: contributing data and information to the global community [PDF Icon]


Meet the company:

The companies that were present during Meet the Company 2015:

North Sea Award 2014:

Christine Rosenørn Overgaard (University of Southern Denmark - Department of History) - How and why the Dutch fished for cod 1818-1911

VLIZ Thesis Award for Marine Sciences 2014:

Evelien Deboelpaep (VUB -  Plant Biology and Nature Management): 'Habitat availability for migratory birds in western Greece & northern Cyrenaica (Libya)'  [M.Sc. scriptie:PDF Icon]

Thibaut Van Zwijnsvoorde (UGent - Civil Engineering Department): 'Hydrodynamics study on various design scenarios, using a physical scale model, to improve the maritime access of the port of Zeebrugge'  [M.Sc. scriptie:PDF Icon]


VLIZ Communication Award 2015:

Jan Trachet (UGent - Historical Archaeology Research Group): Medieval Bruges and its outer ports. A landscape archaeological contribution to the Zwin-debate.


All award winners at the Young Marine Scientists' Day 2015.


More pictures of the Young Marine Scientists' Day 2015 are available in the VLIZ photo gallery.