To sea or not to sea
2nd international colloquium on Maritime and Fluvial Archaeology in the southern North Sea area
Bruges, 21-23 September 2006
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The three-day colloquium will concentrate on four themes related to maritime and fluvial archaeology: research, legislation, conservation and communication.

The 4 sessions are:

Final programme

Thursday 21/09/06

Session 1: Study of maritime archaeological heritage in Flanders/Belgium, Chair: Dr. Marnix Pieters, Flemish Heritage Institute (VIOE)

Free lecture

Evening programme

Friday 22/09/06 - Session 2: Legislation related to maritime archaeological heritage: the situation in Flanders/Belgium compared to the situation in the neighbouring countries, Chair: Dr. Jan Parmentier

Session 3: International case-studies in conservation of maritime archaeological heritage, Chair: Natalie Cleeren, researcher archaeological conservation VIOE

Free lectures

Evening programme

Saturday 23/09/06 - Session 4: Examples of presentations to the public, Chair: Hubert De Witte, Curator Bruggemuseum

Simultaneous translation Dutch/English; Dutch/French and English/French will be available.

General coordination: Marnix Pieters
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