To sea or not to sea
2nd international colloquium on Maritime and Fluvial Archaeology in the southern North Sea area
Bruges, 21-23 September 2006
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Official inauguration of the exhibition, Thursday evening 21/09/06

Official inauguration of the exhibition 'Faith and Fortune. Ornament and Devotion in medieval Flanders' followed by a reception offered by the town of Bruges. Free after inscription.

This ambitious exhibition will attempt to unravel the significance, the visual diversity and the specific imagery of pilgrims badges and pins. During the Middle Ages these items were worn on the clothing as important symbols of distinction. Not only did they say something about the identity and status of the wearer, they also offered him protection as a kind of lucky charm. The various insignia will be juxtaposed with other works of art which use the same imagery, such as a series of unique panels, miniatures from medieval manuscripts, statues of saints, sacred objects, etc. The thematic presentation will lead the visitor through the highly visual culture of the Late Middle Ages. Faith and Fortune stands at the crossroads where art history, archaeology and cultural history all meet. The exhibition which will be held in the imposing Gruuthuse Mansion and which will include many pieces on loan from abroad is the first major project organised by the Bruggemuseum (the city-historical museum of Bruges, housed at several different locations). In collaboration with the University of Nijmegen, Curator Jos Koldeweij.| Infotel: 050/44.87.05

The programme:

The exhibition runs from September 22, 2006 till February 4, 2007, daily from 9.30 to 17.00 hours, except on Monday, entrance fee: 4 to 6 euros, free when younger than 13 and for inhabitants of Bruges.

Short boat trip, Friday evening 22/09/06

Short boat trip on the canals of Bruges, visit to the 'Half Moon (Halve Maan)', the brewery of the 'Brugse Zot' and participation to the colloquium dinner in the 'Half Moon'.

Separate inscription and payment of 50,00 euros due.

Excursion to Oostende, Saturday afternoon 23/09/06

Excursion to Oostende for a visit to the Provincial Museum of Walraversijde, lunch included.

To be booked separately and against payment of € 35.00.

The major eye-catcher of the Provincial Museum of Walraversijde is the reconstruction of three houses and a smokehouse/bakehouse of this late medieval fishing settlement. The interactive museum displays a number of authentic objects found over many years of archaeological research on the site, as well as the other sources of information (texts, paintings …) that made the reconstruction possible. The objects shown also illustrate that there was already human activity at this location at a much earlier point in time, for example during the Roman Era.

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