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Dr. Carsten Neßhöver, Project coordinator

Project Coordinator of BiodiversityKnowledge

Carsten is deputy head of the Department of Conservation biology at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig. He is working to improve the science-policy interface for biodiversity.

Why does Biodiversity fascinate you?
The word says everything - it's living (bio) and it does so in a fascinating diversity...

Where do you find Biodiversity in your everyday life?
Biodiversity is all of our food. We surely cannot live from pills only - and it would surely be a very sad life, if we could.

Why do you think it is important to create a network of Knowledge on Biodiversity and Ecosystem services?
Biodiversity and ecosystem services are extremely diverse, and so are the persons who know how to use and protect them. Sharing this knowledge is a foundation for our future.

What would be your first question to ask the BK to answer regarding Biodiversity and ecosystem services?
What are the options to improve the maintenance of regulating ecosystem services (flood protection, erosion control, carbon sequestration) in agricultural landscapes?

Carsten Nesshoever - Butterfly Carsten Nesshoever - Lizard Carsten Nesshoever - Bird