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The Special clause 39 of the THESEUS project states that
  • all final published articles (or final peer-reviewed manuscripts) resulting from FP 7 projects should be deposited into a repository of the authors' choice

  • beneficiaries are required to make their best efforts for making them publicly available in an open access fashion at the latest 6 months after the publication date
  • Consortia may investigate the possibility of publishing using the "open choice" possibility offered by some publishers : this is a paying option of which the costs are eligible under FP7 but only during the period of the grant agreement

  • When all open access possibilities have been explored and ‘best efforts’ achieved without success, consortia may publish in a non-open access fashion but will have to report the reasons for failure in the final reporting (e.g. providing the negative answer from the publisher)

Therefore THESEUS has taken up the intention to create a THESEUS Open Archive, to make all publications resulting from the project open access. The THESEUS

Open Archive will be made availble from the THESEUS website.


If you want to acknowledge THESEUS, you can state for example: The support of the European Commission through FP7.2009-1, Contract 244104 - THESEUS ("Innovative technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate"), is gratefully acknowledged.


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THESEUS is funded by the European Commission within FP7-THEME 6 - Environment, including climate.
Grant 244104
1 December 2009 - 30 November 2013
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