Creating a long-term infrastructure for MARine Biodiversity research
in the European economic area and the Newly Associated states
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Marine Biodiversity in Mediterranean ecosystems
22 April to 3 May 2002.
Marine Biodiversity in the Baltic
5 to 22 September 2002.
Marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
7 to 20 April 2003.
Newly Associated States and Marine Biodiversity Research
2 to 12 June 2003
Genetic Biodiversity in Marine Ecosystems
6 to 17 October 2003
Sustaining livelihoods and Biodiversity
13 to 30 April 2004
The Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea
New Challenges for Marine Biodiversity Research and Monitoring. 6 to 24 September 2004
Marine biodiversity research that matters!
15 to 26 November 2004

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