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Workshop on collaboration opportunities

A noon to noon workshop with the coordinators/leaders of a selected group of project leaders of various European Bioeconomy projects and networks took place from 8 to 9 September 2015 in Berlin, Germany, back to back with the PLATFORM Annual Event 2015.

The aim of the workshop was to identify potential overlaps in research topics/goals and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Being in the second year of its operational phase, ERA-MBT was actively seeking complementarities between national activities to further support the development of European marine biotechnology. Following activities were high on the priority list and could have been of interest to other networks:

  • Launching thematic calls to generate joint European research and development activities.
  • Arranging stakeholder events to promote dialogue between science, industry and policy and identifying requirements for successful developments within the area.
  • Developing a perspective on the future of marine biotechnology research and development and its likely impacts.
  • Providing information about biotechnology in an online and open access portal with a wiki function.

ERA-MBT's aim was to explore common interests with other networks which could lead to future collaborations.

Invited coordinators or project managers were kindly asked to contact their project partners to arrange for a delegation of max. three persons, preferably with interests in strategic alignment, communication and/or call management. The number of participants was limited to approx. 30 persons.

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